Saturday, February 19, 2011

Cold Frame Project

John and I both love to garden and today's beautiful weather made us want to be outside. Since it is too early to start planting away, we decided to build a cold frame. We saw this idea yesterday on Design Sponge and tailored the concept to fit the materials we found.

We headed to our local Habitat for Humanity's restore and bought our supplies:
-5 used windows (2 were 31.5" and 3 were 33.5")
- L brackets (8)
-hinges (2)
-scrap 2x4
-handles (5)
-folding lid support
-various screws

The basic design really could not have been more simple. We used 2 of each size of window (on their sides) as the four walls of the cold frame. They were secured by brackets at the interior corners- one at the top and one at the bottom of the window frames where they meet. Then we cut the 2x4 to fit the top of the four sides- we used one board at the front of the frame and one at the back. The board at the back was used to secure the hinges for the top of the frame (the last window). The hinges were placed so the window was slightly angled toward the front (to shed water). Two 2x4 "wedges" were then placed on top the frame to help support the angle. A handle was then placed on the top window so the box could be opened. Then the folding lid support was installed and the last 4 handles were attached (2 on each of the two sides).

That pretty much sums it up. We can go ahead and get our garden started even though the threat of frost and low temperatures won't disappear until around mid March. If it is going to be cold, we will just use an old blanket to insulate the cold frame. If it is too warm, we will just leave the top propped open (it should not be left open during the night).

It was a fun project to do and we are looking forward to starting some seeds in it soon (hopefully tomorrow!).

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  1. First off, I'm so happy to be a follower of your new blog! :-)

    Secondly, I have severe jealousy issues with people who are handy. I am NOT handy. George is even worse. :-) I was planning to tackle all my outdoor planting stuff this weekend, but blogging took over. Maybe next weekend. :-)

    I look forward to reading more!


  2. Thanks Jen! I enjoy following your blog too! You are a super-talented writer, which is a trait I appreciate in others (like having the ability to sing). My creative abilities are not so much in writing, but I do like to do things and take we will see how this goes:)
    Have a great rest of your weekend! Kat

  3. omg kitty! how fabulous! I am beyond impressed! I want to do that and stuff like that--help me! and I like the alternate use of housing John!

  4. Thanks Robi! Maybe the primary use should be housing John :)

  5. Your cold frame looks fantastic! I linked this to my recycled glass greenhouses post too today, well done!