Monday, February 28, 2011

E-Mealz Dinners Verdict

The verdict is in. We have done E-Mealz for a little over a week now, and we really like the system. We have found the following...

The positives:
  • Saves a ton of time between planning, shopping and cooking
  • Super-easy to make with very minimal preparation involved
  • Saves money
  • Weight Watchers (WW) compliant and healthy
  • We liked the food
  • Try new recipes
  • Plans include a lot of produce items
  • Recipes make good quantities for two people

Our weekly shopping list is for Walmart, but we will likely buy local ingredients when we can. This may cost us a little more time and money, but using local meat and produce is worth it to us. We will also modify our plan some going forward. For example, instead of using pre-grilled packaged chicken breast, we will likely just cook our own chicken. It will taste better, be cheaper and will probably have fewer additives.

So far, we have had cheeseburger pie, cheddar cauliflower soup, chicken cobb salad pitas, tomato bacon chicken and broccoli mushroom quiche. All in all, we have liked all of the meals. The dinners have been super-easy and have taken minimal time to prepare. The cheeseburger pie and tomato bacon chicken have been the definite favorites and we will use these recipes more in the future. So far, none of the food has gone to waste/been thrown out, and the recipes make good portions.

We will continue our subscription to this service and look forward to trying more of their dishes.

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